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    The next general members meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday April 11, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we anticipate this meeting will be held virtually.
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  • Staff meetings on going back into the field offices and WSU
    Posted On: Sep 01, 2020
    September 1, 2020 - 



    (SSA still cannot articulate a legitimate business reason as thy management cannot do mail themselves. Usually each office has AT LEAST 3 managers. Why can’t 3 people per day, do the mail and get everything scanned into WorkTrack??)

    • Starting in the middle of September.

    • Employees "can" be called back to the office.

    • For offices with under 10 employees—Management is NOT generally allowed to call employees back--unless there is a dire need--.i.e., a bus load of migrant workers show up. And only then only 1 employee can be called back.
    • For offices with 10-20 employees, Management may call back 1 employee. 
    • For offices with 20-30, Management may call back 2 employees.
    • For offices 30 and above, Management may call back 3.

    • These are MAX numbers.  They cannot go above.

    • Before ANY office calls back an employee, the AD and the ORC will have to sign off on it!

    • THE ORDER employees can be recalled:

    • FIRST: those on weather and safety leave.
    • SECOND: Volunteers
    • THIRD: If not enough from above, non volunteers in based on Reverse SCD

    • Work Assignments: Employees will generally only be allowed to work mail and WorkTrack. 

    • How long? Employees may only be called in for a few hours or the entire day--depends on need of office. It does not have to be every day. It could be only a single day per week.  This will vary based on office needs.

    • How protected will you be from bringing COVID-19 home to your loved ones? Each office must have all safety protocols in first, before letting employees come back.  Please note that since SSA refused to bargain with the Union, we are unsure exactly what those protocols are.

    • What is still unknown? What should you ask about when mgnt holds your staff meeting and asks if there are any questions?

    • What are the written office safety protocols?
    • What is the written office plan to clean interviewing windows, break rooms, bathrooms, frequently uses items like computer keyboards, fax and photocopy machines?
    • Will the guard ask the COVID 19 screening questions?
    • Will the guard take the temperature of visitors?
    • Will service be refused to members of the public who refuse to wear masks, etc.?
    • What penalties will SSA impose on employees who do not wish to wear masks, etc.?
    • What is SSA’s plan if an employee who is coming in turns out to have been exposed to COVID-19, including but not limited to notification to the other employees and those in their domiciles?
    • What is SSA’s plan if an employee who has come in is diagnosed with COVID-19, including but not limited to notification to the other employees and those in their domiciles?
    • Will all those exposed employees be on OWCP continuation of pay?
    • Who in management will assist those employees in filing OWCP complaints and answering their questions?
    • What is SSA’s plan to deal with employees who do not wish to come into the office because of underlying health conditions?


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